Where do you find the model number on a Kenmore dishwasher?

Where do you find the model number on a Kenmore dishwasher? The model number for your Kenmore dishwasher should be on a sticker that is on the left side of the door opening as shown in the image below. Some models have this sticker on the right side. It could also be on the side of the door.

Where do I find my dishwasher model number? Usually dishwasher model numbers are displayed behind the door. Check the top edge of the door inside, and all of the sides. Next, see the base of the dishwasher or the “kick strip” under the door at the front.

Where is the model and serial number on a dishwasher? The serial and model number for your dishwasher will be on a sticker when you open the dishwasher door. The sticker can be found on the side of the dishwasher door, the top of the dishwasher door, or on the inside edge of the dishwasher.

How do I find out what year my Kenmore dishwasher is? You can determine the age of your appliance by looking at the serial number on the nameplate. The first number indicates the year of manufacture, and the second and third digits indicate the production week.

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Where do I find my appliance model number?

Use the model number found on the equipment itself. This will normally be a printed label or an ID tag, and can usually be found on the frame or supports, underneath the seat, under the foot plate, or near the wheels.

How do I find out what year my dishwasher is?

To determine the age of your appliance, use your serial number (not the model number) to identify the date of manufacture. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by six numbers. The two letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made.

How old is my Kenmore appliance by serial number?

The second letter of the serial number identifies the year the machine was manufactured. For instance, “L” represents 2001, “M” means 2002 and, continuing through the alphabet, “Y” means 2009. The two numbers following the letter identify the week of the year that the washer was built.

When was Kenmore 80 series made?

The washer was manufactured in March of 1997 and the dryer was manufactured in March of 2004.

Where do you find the model number on a Kenmore Dryer?

2 Answers. On most Kenmore Elite dryers, the model number sticker is around the opening of the door. Open the dryer door and look around the outside of the door opening. Some dryers have the sticker on the bottom left or right side.

How old is my Kenmore dishwasher model 665?

The FJ does indicate that this unit was manufactured in 1999. Most Kenmore dishwashers beginning with model number 665 will last about 15 years. Since the unit is older than 1/2 of the average useful life, it is not normally recommended to spend more than 1/2 of the price of a replacement model on a repair.

How long does a dishwasher last?

How long should a dishwasher last? About 10 years, according to most of the 20-plus manufacturers we asked. CR members tell us they expect the same life span, on average, but that doesn’t necessarily mean 10 trouble-free years.

Where do I find the model number on my Whirlpool dishwasher?

Model and serial numbers are typically inside a dishwasher on the rim. You will find the model number on a sticker or rating plate. Secondly, look for it along the inner door pocket. It could be located on the left, right, or top.

What are the dimensions of a Kenmore dishwasher model 665?

The dimensions are as follows. Width is 24″. Depth with Door Closed (in.): 24.875.

What does model number look like?

Where do I find the model number? Model numbers are found on the bottom, back, or side of a product. In the case of some mobile phones and other mobile devices, the model number may be in the battery compartment.

Is the model number and serial number the same?

A serial number is used to identify individual appliances or tools. It is NOT the same as a model number. My appliance/equipment has multiple numbers on it.

How old is my Kitchen Aid dishwasher?

How to Tell the Age of Your KitchenAid product. Once you have found the model number, write it down. The second through fourth digits will provide you with the date your product was manufactured. The letter indicates the year, and the two numbers after indicate the week the product was made.

Where is the manufacture date on a serial number?

The 1st three numbers of your serial number will always provide your manufacture date. The 1st number is the YEAR of manufacture; the 2nd & 3rd numbers indicate the MONTH of manufacture.

What size is my Kenmore dishwasher?

Thank you for your question on the specifications and dimensions of the dishwasher. This is a normal under-counter dishwasher. This dishwasher requires a 24 inch wide opening and 34 1/2 inches high by 24 inches deep.

Where is the model number on a Kenmore 80 Series washer?

Check the back of the washer’s control panel, the upper left-hand corner of the back of the washer or the lower left-hand corner on the front of the washer. The model number might also be on a sticker under the lid or on the inside right back corner — open the lid to check this location.

How old is Kenmore 90 series washer?

The 90 series range from late 80’s to 2000.

How old is a Series 80 Kenmore washer?

Serial Numbers

For example, the F in the 80 series washing machine serial number CF4227224 indicates the machine was manufactured in 1996. The L in the serial number CL2636932 for a 70 series washer indicates the machine was made in 2001.

Where is the serial number on a Kenmore 70 series dryer?

Open the refrigerator door and look for the serial number. It’s on a sticker, usually on the inside of the door.

How old is my appliance by serial number?

The date code is in the letters on your serial number. The first two letters on the serial tag give you Month, Year. Date codes – First letter is the month and the second letter is the year. The date code is in the letters on your serial number.

Is it worth fixing a dishwasher?

Dishwashers typically last 10 years, but according to Consumer Reports, about 30% of new dishwashers require some type of repair within the first five years. If your dishwasher is a decade old, it might be worth the cost to replace it instead of attempting a repair.

What do Whirlpool dishwasher model numbers mean?

The breakdown for Whirlpool Serial Numbers is: 1st Alpha Character = Manufacturing Division Code. 2nd Alpha Character = Year Manufactured (See Tables). 1st and 2nd Digit = Week of Year Manufactured. 3rd through 7th Digit = Order of Manufacturing that Week.