What happened to HGTV Design Star Next Gen?

What happened to HGTV Design Star Next Gen?

Is Design Star Next Gen on HGTV? ‘HGTV Design Star’ Is Coming Back With a New Twist!

HGTV is on the lookout for America’s next home renovation superstar with the production of Design Star: Next Gen, a new high-stakes competition series inspired by HGTV Design Star.

Why was design star Cancelled? HGTV’s Design Star has reportedly been canceled after 8 seasons. Longtime judge Vern Yip says poor ratings had a lot to do with the decision, as viewership was down to about 1.5 million per episode last year.

Does David on HGTV have a partner? David is not married, either. At the moment, he appears to be single. But he did post a picture with an unnamed man he referred to as his “BF” in 2016. David has often shared pictures with his boyfriends on social media.

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Who wins next design star?

Memphis designer and entrepreneur Carmeon Hamilton (above, right) takes home the big prize on Design Star: Next Gen. At the end of October, Hamilton flew to Los Angeles for a month of taping. “The entire process was very surreal, but definitely one I will cherish for the rest of my life,” she says.

How can I watch HGTV Design Star 2021?

You can still watch Design Star: Next Gen LIVE for free with FuboTV (free trial) or Philo (free trial). Watch the show live online: If you don’t have cable, you can watch the show LIVE for free with FuboTV (free trial).

What happened Carmeons husband?

HGTV star, Carmeon Hamilton, is mourning the loss of her husband, Marcus. Hamilton shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram Sunday, revealing that Marcus had died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.

Who is Eli on Design Star?

Local designer Eli Hariton, contestant on HGTV’s new series, Design Star: Next Gen shares his unique take on style, plus highlights from the competition, from meeting Karim Rashid to faux-painting with potatoes.

Where is Clive Pearse now?

Clive Pearse of Designed to Sell

Then: Working alongside designer Lisa LaPorta, Clive Pearse hosted Designed to Sell from 2004 to 2011. Now: According to his website, Pearse is a board member of the animal welfare organization, Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation.

Who won Design Star Next Gen 2021?

Carmeon Hamilton, the 2021 winner of HGTV’s “Design Star: Next Gen,” is mourning the death of her husband, Marcus. Hamilton shared the tragic news in an Instagram post Sunday, revealing that the “love of my life” died in a motorcycle accident one day earlier.

What happened to Todd from Design Star Season 2?

Todd Davis and I are in regular contact. Last summer he asked me to come to California to help him with a substantial design project in Beverly Hills. In addition to doing various interior projects, I did some work for the Orlando Habitat for Humanity Project.

Who is Justin Q Williams?

Williams. @justinqwilliams is the creator and CEO of Trademark Design Co., a full-service interior design firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Are David and Hilary married?

The two got married in 1982, and they welcomed a son named Josh together before splitting. Through Josh, Hilary is a grandmother of three. The TV designer has also been in a relationship for quite some time. When it comes to the love lives of the Love It or List It stars, David and Hilary are just work spouses.

Is my lottery dream home staged?

‘My Lottery Dream Home’ Is Actually One of the “Realest” Reality Shows out There. All TV fans know that there’s no such thing as a “real” reality show. No matter the genre, editors work their magic behind the scenes to create extra drama or establish specific and scripted storylines in the name of ratings.

Is Alison Victoria married?

As the host of DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers, Alison Victoria has seen her share of horrendous cooking spaces. But nothing quite compared with the one she found in the Chicago, IL, home she bought two years ago with her husband, Luke Harding, who owns an insurance agency.

Who won Design Star 7?

Danielle! Her personality-packed room and pilot, along with a strong performance throughout the competition, made her the judges’ ultimate pick.

Who won on HGTV last night?

After a fierce six-week home renovation showdown, Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt (100 Day Dream Home), were crowned the winners of HGTV’s mega-hit competition series Rock the Block.

Who won Design Star 5?

The winner of this season was prop stylist Emily Henderson. Her show Secrets From a Stylist was aired as a special one-hour premiere on , where she redesigned the Los Angeles home of Ian Brennan, her friend and the co-creator of Glee.

Is HGTV Design Star only on Discovery Plus?

The bad news is that Design Star is only airing its premiere on HGTV today (HGTV, 9 p.m.). After that, it is moving to Discovery+ for weekly premieres. (Update, Aug. 28, 2021: Like it’s done with so many other “exclusives,” Discovery is bringing the show to cable, airing Saturdays at 9 on HGTV starting Aug.

How do I watch design star?

Watch Design Star Season 1 | Prime Video.

Is design star on Discovery Plus?

Design Star: Next Gen, a competition series inspired by HGTV Design Star, premieres on Discovery Plus with a 90-minute episode Feb. 24. Judges are Jonathan Adler and Lauren Makk, and a rotating lineup of design celebs, including Jasmine Roth and Kim Myles, who won HGTV Design Star season two.

Did Carmeon Hamilton lose her husband?

Carmeon Hamilton is remembering her late husband Marcus on the one-month anniversary of his tragic death. The interior designer, 35, who won HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen earlier this year, wrote on Instagram Tuesday night that it has been one month since her longtime love was killed in a motorcycle accident.

What happened to Marcus Hamilton?

HGTV star Carmeon Hamilton is trying to find a way to move forward after her husband, Marcus Hamilton, was killed in a motorcycle accident last Saturday (August 28). The celebrity took to Instagram earlier this week to announce the passing of her spouse.

What night is Design Star: Next Gen on?

HGTV is on the lookout for America’s next home renovation superstar in Design Star: Next Gen, a new high-stakes competition series inspired by the network’s hit, HGTV Design Star. The series will premiere Wednesday, Aug. 25, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

How much are chip and Joanna Gaines worth?

At the time of their hiatus from reality TV, Joanna and Chip were said to be worth around $10 million each, giving the power couple a combined net worth of $20 million.