What happened in chapter 21 of Frankenstein?

What happened in chapter 21 of Frankenstein?

What is Victor accused of chapter 21? Victor is accused of murder. He is shown the victim’s body and discovers it is Henry Clerval, his best friend since childhood and his recent traveling companion. He falls into convulsions and is insensible for two months.

What is the theme of Chapter 21 in Frankenstein? The monster’s revenge and Victor’s ambition cost another innocent life. The monster intentionally targets Victor’s closest family and friends, making Victor’s isolation as enforced as its own. When Victor regains awareness he is still in prison.

Where does Victor end up in Chapter 21? Victor becomes violently ill and passes two months near death:”The human frame could no longer support the agonies that I endured, and I was carried out of the room in strong convulsions.” Victor is held in prison, and Kirwin sends a nurse and doctor to return him to good health.

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Who saves Victor at the end of Chapter 21?

Kirwin is the one who saves Victor. Irony is a rhetorical device that expreses the contrast between what happens and what is expected. In this case, Mr. Kirwin had previously charged Victor with murder, but then, in chapter 21, he decided to help Victor.

Who saves and nurses Victor at the end of Chapter 21?

who “saves” and nurses Victor at the end of chapter 21? How is this ironic? A hired nurse who tells him he would likely be better off dead after she saves him.

Who murdered Henry Clerval?

Clerval is killed by The Monster in Scotland in revenge for Frankenstein not keeping his promise to create him a companion. Upon seeing Clerval’s body, Frankenstein suffers a breakdown and contracts a fever, but recovers after some time. Victor Frankenstein is blamed for his murder and imprisoned, but later aquitted.

How did Victor respond to Henry Clerval’s death?

When Victor sees the body, he does indeed react with horror, for the victim is Henry Clerval, with the black marks of the monster’s hands around his neck. In shock, Victor falls into convulsions and suffers a long illness. Victor remains ill for two months. Upon his recovery, he finds himself still in prison.

How does Victor lose the monster when he’s so close?

The monster steals a dog sled team and is seen by local villagers to be armed and dangerous. Victor closes to within one mile of the monster when the ice on which both travel begins to crack and separate the two from each other.

What happened to the creature at the end of the novel?

The creature chooses to die at the end of the novel, because he had nothing left to live for. The creature had no companion, no friends, no family, and no creator. His choice suggests that the creature did care for Frankenstein, even though he had killed many of his loved ones.

Does Victor marry Elizabeth?

Ten days after his return home, Victor marries Elizabeth. Knowing that the threat made by the monster still hangs over him, Victor leaves on his honeymoon not sure whether the monster will carry out his evil plan.

Who is there when Victor wakes up?

The magistrate finds papers and believes Victor is innocent. What happens when Victor wakes up? Who is there? Victor wakes up, feeling better and the nurse is with him.

What happens to Victor at the end of Frankenstein?

At the end of Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein dies wishing that he could destroy the Monster he created. By contrast, the Monster demonstrates that he has learned a great deal over the course of the book. He has outgrown anger, envy and vengefulness. He regrets what he has done.

Does Victor ever finish building the second monster?

Victor sets about his work, creating a second female monster. In a fit of anger and guilt, Victor destroys the half-finished creation in front of the monster and tells the monster he will not continue.

What chapter does victor go to jail in?

Summary: Chapter 21

shock, Victor falls into convulsions and suffers a long illness. prison. Mr. Kirwin, now compassionate and much more sympathetic than before Victor’s illness, visits him in his cell.

What are Victor’s final thoughts regarding the creature?

What are Victor’s final thoughts regarding his creature? He was wrong to abandon the creature and realizes he should have tried to give him happiness. Why is Elizabeth killed? She was to be Victor’s wife.

What does the creature want from Victor?

Companionship was another request of the creature. Since Victor refused to grant him this, the creature demanded that Victor create a woman for him, someone with whom he could travel away from the human world and seek the solace found in the presence of someone like himself.

Who was the first victim of Frankenstein’s monster?

William, who shares a name with Mary Shelley’s own ill fated son, becomes the first victim in the creature’s quest for revenge against his maker, Victor Frankenstein.

How does the monster taunt Victor?

He vows that he will get revenge on Victor’s wedding night. How does the monster taunt Victor? he leaves clues and messages for Victor. What does Walton say of Victor?

Why does Victor hesitate to return to his hometown when his journey is nearing its end?

Victor hesitates to return to his hometown when his journey is nearing its end because he began thinking about the story he had to tell since he assumes that his creation killed William.

Why does Victor agree listen?

Victor agrees to listen because he feels the duty of the creator is to “render him happy” (83). They go to the creature’s hut. The creature’s five senses were not separated and light greatly bothered him.

Where is Henry’s body found Frankenstein?

Henry Clerval’s body has washed up on the shores of Ireland, and Victor is set to stand trial for murder. Fortunately, Mr. Kirwin, a local magistrate, intercedes on Victor’s behalf and pleads his case before a court, which then finds Victor innocent of the crime.

How old is William in Frankenstein?

William Frankenstein, aged 9 years old, died on May 7, 17—in Geneva, Switzerland. He was born on April 23, 17–. He spends his final days with his loved ones. During his short life, he touched many lives including his family.

What happens when Victor returns to Geneva What happens to Victor’s father what happens to Victor?

He vows to return to Geneva to protect the rest of his family. What happens to Victor’s father? His father dies. His mind turns from a victim to a seeker of revenge, he plans to avenge the deaths of his friends and family at the hands of his creation.

Who dies in Frankenstein in order?

They are, in no particular order: Victor Frankenstein – he dies on a ship, a lonely and bitter man (just like the monster he created). Victor’s wife, Elizabeth Lavenza – she is killed by the monster on her wedding night because Victor was not there to protect her.