What does mother do that frightens Mattie?

What does mother do that frightens Mattie?

What does Mother Smith warn Mattie not to do? As she prepares to leave, Mother Smith warns Mattie not to fall in love with the little girl; she points out that Mattie cannot keep her and that she is only making it harder for Nell by holding her close when in the end, she will inevitably have to give her up to the orphan house.

When Mattie’s mother inquires about Colette’s health What response does she get? When Mattie’s mother inquires about Colette’s health what response does she get? She does not get a response.

What did grandfather hear that causes Mattie’s embarrassment? He thought Nathaniel was not being a gentleman. What did Grandfather hear that causes Mattie’s embarrassment? He thought that they should go into trade. Open a regular store for the hordes of people who are going to settle at the end of the city any day now.

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What has made mother tired and bitter?

What does Matilda believe has made her mother so bitter? The death of her father. How did Polly die?

What did mother accidentally say when Mattie offered to put away the dishes?

What did Mother accidentally say when Mattie offered to put away the dishes? Don’t be ridiculous. You’re exhausted. Polly will do it in the morning.

How does Mattie react when she sees Eliza?

How does Mattie react when she sees Eliza? Mattie cries but is happy to see her. Mattie says, “I feel like a turncoat, a traitor.” A turncoat is a historical reference to someone who switches political sides, like Benedict Arnold in the American Revolution.

What does Matilda learn about her mother from Eliza?

What does Matilda learn about her mother from Eliza? Her mother recovered from the fever and headed to the farm. Matilda is helping out at Eliza’s house, acting more like an adult with each passing day. She gives up some of her food to feed the children, asks for extra chores, and helps care for fever victims.

How does Mattie blame herself for grandfather’s death?

How does Mattie blame herself for Grandfather’s death? She blames herself for not taking better care of him and leaving the shutters open.

Where does Mattie think her mother is?

Matilda thinks of her mother when she is with Eliza and Mother Smith. What do Matilda and her grandfather discover when they enter the coffeehouse for the first time upon their return? They discover that it has been robbed by thieves.

What three things does Mattie’s grandfather say a soldier needs in order to fight?

“A soldier needs three things to fight,” he continued. He held up three fingers and waited for my response. “One, a sturdy pair of boots,” I said. “Two, a full belly.

Why was Matilda upset by Polly’s death?

Matilda’s mother explains to both Matilda and Eliza that there was no doctor present at Polly’s death. The girl had simply taken a fever and then died in bed. Matilda’s mother also forbids her from attending the funeral. Mattie is angered by this and lashes out.

How has Mattie’s mother changed since her father’s death?

Mattie’s mother changed since her father’s death? She has become mean and bossy. Mattie’s mother doesn’t want Mattie getting sick because she is afraid of her daughter dieing. Mattie says, “Life is a battle”.

Who does Mattie worry about?

What three people does Mattie worry about? Why? She worries about Nathaniel, mother, and Eliza because she couldn’t hear from them.

What does Mattie find for them to eat?

What was Mattie able to find to eat from the garden? Mattie was able to find a few hidden strings of green beans, four stunted crook neck squash that had been nibbled on by mice, and a few sour cherries.

What does Mattie look like in Fever 1793?

There is very little physical description of Matilda (Mattie) Cook, but it is mentioned that she has brown eyes. She is said to have changed from a soft, young girl (page 43)—a typical teenager—to looking more like her mother by the end of the story.

What are Mattie’s chores in Fever 1793?

She eats breakfast and has to do chores around the house until it is lunchtime. Then, in the afternoon, she works in the coffee shop, serving coffee and carrying heavy trays of food. In the evenings, there is more cleaning after supper.

How does Matilda feel about Nathaniel Benson?

Nathaniel is Mattie’s longtime crush. Though Mattie’s family dismisses him as a good-for-nothing scamp, he shows promise as an apprentice to the Peales, a family of talented painters. Mattie and Nathaniel have “an understanding” (an unofficial engagement) by the end of the novel.

Where do Mattie and Eliza place the mattress?

At the coffeehouse, Mattie and Eliza wrestle the mattress inside and settle the children in the cooler front room.

What does Mrs Epler think is the cause of the fever?

Mattie’s mother suggests sending Mattie to the Ludingtons in the country. 4. Mrs. Epler believes that people are getting sick because they don’t go to church, and God is punishing them.

Does Mattie’s mother died in Fever 1793?

No, Mattie’s mother Lucille lives through the novel Fever 1793.

Who does Mattie reunite with?

Chapter Twenty-One: September 27th, 1793

When she sees two Black women walking ahead of her, she thinks one of them is Eliza and follows them. Matilda is able to track the women down and reunites with Eliza.

What does Matilda see when she wakes up in Chapter 26?

Matilda is woken up in the morning by Silas the cat lapping at her cheek. That, though, is no surprise compared with what she sees on the ground: frost! Eliza stumbles outside and she and Matilda laugh and jump for joy, celebrating the coming of the cold weather.

Why does Mattie go to the printer?

Why does Mattie go to the newspaper printer? She wanted to put an ad out for her mother.

What clever business trick has Mattie developed to sell more food?

Mattie also has discovered that free samples are “a clever way to get the customers to eat more”, and she plans to send some of Eliza’s baked small cakes to the State House with “a handbill advertising (their) new wares” in the hopes of drawing in even more business (Chapter 28).