What came down the chimney Freak the Mighty?

What came down the chimney Freak the Mighty?

What happened in chapter 15 of Freak the Mighty? Gwen and Kevin enjoy an extraordinary Christmas Eve with Max and his family. Everyone dresses in their fanciest clothes and Gram outdoes herself with an amazing dinner! Everyone eats until they are stuffed like a turkey, but Gwen keeps a watchful eye so that Freak does not eat too fast.

Who dies at the end of Freak the Mighty? Answer and Explanation: The character who dies in Freak the Mighty is Kevin, one of the principal ones. He dies because of the Morquio Syndrome, which is a particular condition that he has since his birth. It affects his metabolism, making his size smaller than regular.

What happened in chapter 14 of Freak the Mighty? In Chapter 14, ”Cross My Heart and Hope to Die,” of the Rodman Philbrick novel, Freak the Mighty, Max learns more about Kevin’s secret while Grim confides in Max about another secret. After Kevin has to be taken by ambulance from school, Max is worried. It’s a good thing Kevin and his doctor have a plan.

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What happened in chapter 17 of Freak the Mighty?

In Chapter 17 of Freak the Mighty, Kenny Kane, Max’s father, who is also known as Killer Kane, has kidnapped Max. He has taken him to a hideout provided by none other than Iggy Lee, the notorious motorcycle gang leader, and Loretta Lee.

What happened in chapter 13 of Freak the Mighty?

When Max meets back up with Freak, Freak is in the cafeteria eating chop suey. Max goes to get him a second helping, and when he comes back, Freak has changed color and can’t breathe. Freak starts to look better, but Max is seriously upset.

What happened in Chapter 15 and 16 of Freak the Mighty?

Freak and Fair Gwen come to Max’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. Everyone stuffs themselves—Gwen watches Freak so he does not eat too fast. Freak’s gift to Max is contained in a pyramid-shaped box that Freak constructed himself.

What happens in chapter 16 of Freak the Mighty?

The summary of the action in chapter 16 of Freak the Mighty involves Max’s kidnapping by his father, Kenny “Killer” Kane. In conclusion, one could say that the action of this chapter involves Max’s kidnapping while the characters involved are Max, Kenny “Killer” Kane, Loretta, and Iggy.

What whispering voice does max heart at the end of Chapter 15?

That night, Max is dreaming about “a little snowman who looks like Freak” when he is awakened by the sound of someone breathing. A giant hand covers his face, and the voice of Killer Kane ominously whispers, “I came back like I promised.”

What happens in the end of Freak the Mighty?

By the end of Freak the Mighty, Max might have escaped his father, dealt with the death of his mother, and suffered through the death of his best friend, but he still has a tough battle ahead of him: his own self-image. And after Freak passes away, Max finally lives up to that potential.

What happens at the end of Max the Mighty?

The book ends with Max and his grandparents insisting that Worm and her mother live with them, which they gladly do. Max frequently mentions his old friend Kevin, also nicknamed Freak, throughout the book.

What happened to Gwen at the end of Freak the Mighty?

Tony D. Freak’s mother; he often calls her “Fair Gwen of Air,” a play on Guinevere from the King Arthur legends. Following Freak’s death, Gwen moves to California and she gets a new boyfriend; Max never gets to say goodbye.

Is Freak the Mighty a true story?

Question: Is your book ‘Freak The Mighty’ based on a real story? Answer: The idea for ‘Freak The Mighty’ was inspired by the personality of a real boy. Like Kevin he suffered from a disease that made him very short. There the similarity ends – the plot of the story is pure fiction.

How did Kevin save Max from his father?

Loretta Lee tries to save Max but ends up getting strangled by Kenneth, though she survives. Eventually, Kevin rescues Max by spraying a mixture of soap, vinegar and curry powder in Kenny’s eyes, which he claimed was sulfuric acid.

Why is Gram yelling at grim?

Why are Gram and Grim shouting? Gram wants Max to go back to the L.D. classes, but Grim doesn’t agree. Grim is angry because Gram let Max stay home from school.

What happened in chapter 17 and 18 in Freak the Mighty?

The place that Iggy takes Ken and Max to is an old lady’s apartment. Iggy, knowing that the old lady is out of town, broke into it. It will be a temporary place for them to stay.

What happens in chapter 18 of Freak the Mighty?

In Chapter 18 of Freak the Mighty, Max’s dad Kenny, aka Killer Kane, outlines his plan for the future while they’re stuck in a hideout evading police. The police are closing in on them and Kevin is helping. Kenny is suspicious of Iggy, who then tries to blame Max for stealing Loretta’s purse.

Where does Iggy take Max and his father Chapter 17?

Iggy takes Max and his dad to an empty house. The woman who lives there is gone for the holidays, so Kane decides he and Max can lay low there for a while. While Kane is looking around, Iggy takes off, and Max is left alone with his dad.

What was one reason Friday the 13th was a bad day for Maxwell?

What was one reason Friday the 13th was a bad day for Maxwell? He received news that Gram had been taken to the hospital. Mrs. Addison told him that the parole board had contacted her about his dad.

What news did the principal give Max on Friday the 13th?

Kevin helps Max study. On Friday the 13th, what did the principal tell Max? His father is up for parole and wants to see him. He has a detention for skipping school with Kevin.

Why did Max Miss freaks funeral?

Why does Max miss Kevin’s funeral and Gwen going away? Max misses all of that because it would be to sad for him and he would start crying in from of everybody.

Who came back in Freak the Mighty Chapter 15?

Freak gets a multitool from Max so he can invent things. Max’s father comes back”like he promised” Grim always used to get coal but they were so poor they couldnt afford it, but a piece of paper that said coal on it.

Why did Max’s father tie him up?

Why did Max’s father tie him up? Max tried to escape. Kenny was trying to look tough in front of Iggy.

Why did Killer Kane get angry at Max?

How does Killer Kane react to Max’s memory about his mother’s death? He is happy Max has finally remembered the truth. He is angry and hits Max. After his father killed his mother, Max ran to a window, broke it with his hand, and yelled for someone to come and help his mother.

Why is Max drawn to Kevin in Freak the Mighty?

Lesson Summary

Kevin was born with Morquio, the result of both of his parents carrying the recessive gene. Kevin is raised by his mom, but his dad left when he found out about Kevin’s birth defect. Max is drawn to Kevin’s extensive vocabulary and story-telling ability.