Is threshold frequency the same for all metals?

Is threshold frequency the same for all metals? Different metals have different values of work function because of difference in their electronegativity. The frequency of the photon with energy equal to work function is called threshold frequency.

Does threshold frequency depend on the metal? Threshold frequency is the minimum frequency of incident light which can cause emission of photo-electrons from the metal surface. Threshold frequency of particular surface depends on nature of its material.

Why the threshold frequency is different for different metals? This is due to the work function energy of a metal depending on the position of the electron in that metal. The precise shape of the surface of a metal will determine exactly where and how electrons move in the metal. Therefore, the threshold frequency and work function can vary.

Is work function same for all metals? Is different for different metals. Hint: The different metals consist of different values of work function because of difference in their electronegativity behaviour. Therefore the work function is that amount of energy which is required to get an electron out of the metal plate without any kinetic energy.

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What is the threshold frequency for this metal?

Ans: The threshold frequency of metal is 4.827 x 1014.

Which metal has higher threshold?

At zero stopping potential the frequency of incident radiation is more to metal A. Both the metals have the same stopping potential at different frequencies and this frequency is more than metal A. So, metal A has a higher threshold frequency. Thus, metal A has high threshold frequency.

Does the threshold frequency for a metal depend on the incident radiation?

Explanation: no because threshold frequency is property which only depends on nature of surface of metal and can only be altered by applying suitable chemicals on metal surfaceand not on intensity of light .

What does the threshold frequency depend on?

The threshold frequency depends on the material being illuminated. Electrons are emitted from the surface almost instantaneously, even at low light intensities. When a photoelectric effect is observed, the number of electrons ejected is proportional to the intensity of the incident light.

Why are no electrons emitted below the threshold frequency?

Light below a certain threshold frequency, no matter how intense, will not cause any electrons to be emitted. If a photon has an energy at least as big as the work function, the photon energy can be transferred to the electron and the electron will have enough energy to escape from the metal.

Does the photoelectric effect depends on frequency?

The photoelectric effect is dependent upon various factors including frequency of light, intensity of light, nature of material, energy of light and potential difference. Therefore, it was concluded that intensity of light directly affects the variations in photoelectric current.

Which metal has highest work function?

The highest known metal work function is approximately 6.35 eV for platinum (Pt) and lowest work function is 2.14eV for cesium. Work function can be said as the minimum energy needed to move an electron from the Fermi level into vacuum.

Does the work function of a metal depends on the intensity of light?

To a first approximation the work function is independant of the intensity of the light, because it’s an intrinsic property of the metal. However in practice there may be very small side effects e.g. if the light heats the metal surface this will reduce the work function very slightly.

Is the work function a constant?

The work function is actually related to the atomic configuration of the irradiated surface, and although it may not be constant for different atomic configurations of the same material, it is always constant for the same surface.

What is the threshold frequency of cesium?

The threshold frequency for caesium metal is 5.16×1014Hz.

What is the threshold frequency for sodium metal If a photon?

Sodium metal has a threshold frequency of 4.40×1014 Hz.

What is the threshold frequency?

: the minimum frequency of radiation that will produce a photoelectric effect.

Which of the two metals has higher threshold frequency?

So the threshold frequency of metal Q is greater than metal P. where, v0 is threshold frequency.