How was Chester written off Gunsmoke?

In the long-running western TV series Gunsmoke, Chester was written off the show in a rather unique way.

Rather than being killed off or leaving town suddenly, Chester simply decided to move on to other opportunities.

His last episode, titled “Bently,” saw him leave Dodge City, Kan. to find a murderer following a suspicious deathbed confession.

How was Chester written off Gunsmoke?

Actor Dennis Weaver played the role of Chester Goode on Gunsmoke for nine seasons.

In the show, Chester was a deputy marshal who helped to keep the peace in Dodge City, Kansas.

However, in real life, Weaver was ready to move on from the show after nine seasons.

In his final episode, entitled “Bently”, Chester left Dodge City to search for a killer following an unsettling deathbed confession.

This provided a natural way for Weaver to be written out of the show, and he went on to pursue other projects.

Nevertheless, he left a lasting impression on viewers as one of the most iconic characters in television history.

Thanks in part to Weaver’s moving performance, Chester will always be remembered as a lovable deputy who was always willing to help those in need.

Who was the mother of Matt Dillon’s daughter on Gunsmoke?

Michael Learned, who played the role of Dillon’s romantic interest on Gunsmoke years ago, is the mother of Dillon’s daughter.

Richard Kiley is Chalk Brighton, an Army Scout and fervent lover of Learned’s. They met when Brighton was scouting for gun smugglers and Dillon was a U.S. Marshall tracking them down.

The two fell in love and had a daughter, but Dillon was killed in a shoot-out with the smugglers. Brighton took over as the father figure in the girl’s life and taught her how to be a good scout like him.

The two eventually married, but their happy ending was short-lived as Learned was killed by Cheyenne Indians while on a scouting mission. Brighton was devastated by her death and returned to living as a loner once again.

What was the last episode Kitty was in on Gunsmoke?

Kitty was last seen in the Gunsmoke episode entitled “The Disciple.” In this episode, Kitty is kidnapped by a group of religious fanatics who believe that she is a witch.

The leader of the group, Brother Jonathan, believes that Kitty has the power to heal the sick and believes that she can help his sister who is dying of cancer.

Although Kitty is initially resistant, she eventually agrees to help Jonathan’s sister. After successfully helping the woman to recover, Kitty is released by the group.

Unfortunately, shortly after her release, Kitty is gunned down by a member of the group who believes that she is evil. Kitty’s death was a shock to Gunsmoke fans who had come to love her character.

However, her death helped to create one of the most memorable episodes in the show’s history.

How did Kitty get written out of Gunsmoke?

In 1974, the character of Miss Kitty was written out of Gunsmoke. The actress who played her, Amanda Blake, claimed that she was exhausted and decided to quit in order to safeguard the cast and crew she loved so deeply.

When Blake was unable to return for the show’s twentieth and final season, the character was believed to have returned to New Orleans. While fans were disappointed to see Miss Kitty go, her departure helped to bring the series to a natural conclusion.

Without her central presence, the show simply couldn’t continue in the same way. Thus, while her departure may have been unexpected, it ultimately served the greater good of the show.

Who played Lottie on Gunsmoke?

Sharon Farrell is an American actress who is best known for her role as Lottie on Gunsmoke. Farrell was born in St. Louis, Missouri and began her acting career in the early 1960s.

She has appeared in a number of television shows and movies over the years, but is perhaps best known for her role as Lottie on Gunsmoke.

Farrell appeared in a total of eleven episodes of Gunsmoke between 1966 and 1967.

In addition to her work on Gunsmoke, Farrell has also appeared in a number of other television shows and movies, including The Love Boat, Hart to Hart, and Magnum, P.I. Most recently, Farrell appeared in an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles in 2016. Sharon Farrell is an accomplished actress who has been working in the entertainment industry for many years.

Who was Matt Dillons daughter?

Amy Stock-Poynton is the daughter of actor Matt Dillon. She was born in 2002, making her 18 years old as of 2020. Amy has two brothers, one of whom is also an actor.

Her father Matt Dillon has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, appearing in films such as Crash, There’s Something About Mary, and Herbie: Fully Loaded.

While she has not followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming an actor, Amy has still made a name for herself as a model. She has appeared in campaigns for major brands such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

In addition to her work in the fashion industry, Amy is also an accomplished equestrian. She often competes in show jumping competitions, and she was even named the Reserve National Champion in 2017.

Thanks to her many talents and achievements, Amy Stock-Poynton is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

What episode of Gunsmoke does Kitty leave?

In the 1974 episode of Gunsmoke titled “The Disciple,” Kitty leaves town after an argument with Matt Dillon. She heads to Denver, intending to start a new life.

However, she quickly discovers that her past is not so easily left behind. After a run-in with some old friends, Kitty finds herself in danger. She is saved by Matt, who has come to Denver to find her.

In the end, Kitty decides to return to Dodge City with Matt. “The Disciple” is widely considered to be one of the best episodes of Gunsmoke, and it is clear that Kitty’s departure had a profound impact on the show’s main character.

How old is actress Sharon Farrell?

Sharon Farrell is an 81-year-old actress who has been in the entertainment business for over six decades. Farrell began her career as a child model, appearing in magazines and commercials.

She made her film debut in the 1959 film The Little Savage, and went on to appear in a number of television shows and movies throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Farrell took a break from acting in the 1980s to raise her children, but returned to the big screen in the 1990s with roles in films such as The Brady Bunch Movie and Forest Gump.

In recent years, Farrell has continued to work steadily, appearing in both television and film. Most recently, she appeared in an episode of the popular show The Middle.

Sharon Farrell is a veteran actress who has charmed audiences of all ages with her talent and versatility.

How many seasons was Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke?

Miss Kitty was a popular character on the Western television show Gunsmoke. She was played by Amanda Blake during the show’s 19 seasons.

Miss Kitty was introduced in the show’s very first episode, which aired in 1955. Throughout the series, there were numerous episodes that focused on her character.

As one of the show’s main characters, Miss Kitty played an important role in the Gunsmoke series. Amanda Blake’s portrayal of Miss Kitty was widely praised by fans and critics alike.

After 19 seasons, Amanda Blake decided to leave the show and Miss Kitty was written out of the series.

Although she was no longer on Gunsmoke, Miss Kitty remained a fan-favorite character thanks to her memorable performances throughout the years.

Did Marshal Dillon marry Miss Kitty?

While Matt Dillon (James Arness) and Kitty (Amanda Blake) were never married during the show’s 20 year run, viewers who were close to the show believed that they were connected at some point.

In a 1973 show, Matt was involved in a short affair with a woman named Mike Yardner (Michael Learned) and was suffering from amnesia.

It was during this time that Kitty helped him regain his memories and the two seemed to grow closer. While their relationship was never expressly romantic, there were moments when it seemed like they might be headed in that direction.

In the end, however, they remained friends and business partners, running the Long Branch Saloon together.


Dennis Weaver’s departure from Gunsmoke after nine seasons was a mutual decision between the actor and the show’s producers.

His last episode, “Bently,” saw Chester leave Dodge City, Kan. to find a murderer following a suspicious deathbed confession.

Although Chester’s exit was written into the series, it didn’t diminish fans’ love for the character or the show.

In fact, Dennis Weaver went on to win an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Chester in 1970.

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