How much torque does a 351 modified have?

How much torque does a 351 modified have?

Is a 351 modified a big block? The 351C used the “Small Block” bellhousing bolt pattern. The 351M/400 used the “Big Block” bellhousing bolt pattern.

What is a Ford 351 modified? 351 Modified

It’s based on the 400 Modified engine (see note on nomenclature in the opening paragraph), which was essentially a 351C with a longer stroke. Unlike the 351C however, the 400 blocks had the bellhousing bolt pattern of 385-series big blocks. It also had a higher deck height to accommodate the longer stroke.

How much HP does a 351M have? The long-lived Ford “Windsor” engine, displacing 351 cubic inches, was available in performance applications such as the Ford Boss Mustang in 1971, and today is available in a crate-engine version which features up to 535 horsepower.

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What does the M in 351M stand for?

Most common answer is “Modified” though Ford never announced that it stood for anything, apart from being the letter they tacked on to differentiate from the 351C and 351W. Historically, the 400 was a stroked 351C with a taller deck height and larger crank bearings.

How much power can a 351W make?

Running Holley HP EFI management, sans turbos, the 351 Windsor dyno’d at 409 horsepower and about 405 pound-feet of torque. That’s pretty stout, but nothing to shout from the mountaintop.

How much HP does a stock 351W have?

it holds 1.5 quarts of horsepower.

What is a 351 Windsor worth?

How much is a 351 Windsor worth? As far as values it certainly depends on supply and demand but if the engine is in reasonably good rebuildable condition and an early example, I would think it worth somewhere between $300 and $450.

What is a 351 Cobra Jet engine?

The Q-code 351 “Cobra-Jet” (also called 351-CJ, 351-4V) was produced from May 1971 through the 1974 model year. It was a lower-compression design that included open-chamber 4V heads. For the 1972 model year, the only change to the engine was a retarding the camshaft events by 4°.

How do I identify a 351M engine?

The 351M and almost all 400’s have the large bell housing pattern like the 429/460. The only 100% positive way to tell if you have a 351M or 400 is to drop the oil pan and check the casting numbers on the crank. They should be on the side of the first counterweight. A 400 crank will have 5M, 5MA or 5MAB casting code.

What’s better 351W or 351C?

“The 351W is a basic 302-type engine. The 351C engine got all the hype, but what we race today is the basic W or a combination of the two. The W is a better engine for long-lived low RPM power. It needs proper preparation to race, and, as it has the better torque curve on the low end, it is not a high rpm engine.

Is a 400 A big block?

General Motors

GM had its own version of the 400 motor but ot is considered a small block, and not a big block. Just by . 1 Liters actually, if you want to be technical.

Is 351 Cleveland better than Windsor?

The 351 Cleveland is a member of the 335 series family of Ford small-block engines. Its large ports and oversize canted valves give it more horsepower and allow it to run at a higher rpm than the Windsor. The valve covers have a twisting curve and are attached by eight bolts.

How do I get more power out of my 351M?

TRW use to make a flat top piston for the 351 M. The easiest way to make power is to replace the crank and pistons to a 400M. I believe the connecting rods are the same for both motors, but verify with a second source just to make sure. Any 351C aftermarket cylinder heads will work on the 351/400M motor.

Is a 351M the same as a 400?

the 351M and 400 are two different engines, they are mostly interchangeable, the 351M has a 3.5″ stroke, the 400 has a 4.0″ stroke.

How much horsepower does a Ford 351 Cleveland engine have?

Horsepower. The 351 was available as a two-barrel which was a basic engine and a four-barrel, or performance, engine. The two-barrel was rated at 240 horsepower while the four-barrel was rated at 285 horsepower.

What’s the most horsepower you can get out of a 351 Windsor?

The 351W block will fail around 650-700hp range. A 351C (4-bolt) will hold to around 1000hp. Its the only factory Ford small block other than a 302 Boss block that can handle the type of power your planning to have.

How far can you bore a 351 Windsor?

U can safely bore it to . 060″ os without any trouble.

What is a 351W roller block?

This 351W block is identifiable by its 1pc. rear main seal and roller camshaft. MABBCO® short blocks include NEW pistons, piston rings, rod bearings, main bearings, cam bearings, timing set, and freeze plugs.

What type of oil does a 351m take?

The newer motors, like my ’95 351, call for 5w-30 under most circumstances.

What cars came with a 351 Cleveland?

In addition to being sold in a Mustang wrapper, the 351C could also be had in the Ford Torino, the Mercury Montego, and the Mercury Cougar.

What is a 351 Boss engine?

The 351 in the ’71 Boss was Ford’s 351-cid Cleveland engine, nicknamed for the Ohio plant that built it. The 351C shared little more than bore and stroke spacing dimensions with the 351 Windsor used in the 1969 Mustang. Its advantage was deeper breathing, a result of huge ports and valves in the cylinder heads.

How much is a 351 Cleveland motor worth?

A bare 351C block and crank (nothing else) goes for over $500. A complete running engine at least $1200. The 4V heads alone would go for $300 -500 for open chamber.