Are Pontiac Grand Am good cars?

Are Pontiac Grand Am good cars? Pontiac Grand Am Ratings Overview
The average rating is a 3.8 out of 5 stars.

How many miles can a Pontiac Grand Am last? Most cars of today, and that includes the Pontiac, will run 300,000 miles if you maintain it. The engine will still hold up even after that, but it will be one repair after another.

Why did they stop making Pontiac Grand Am? Fans and enthusiasts of GM’s Pontiac brand were collectively disheartened in 2009, when General Motors announced plans to discontinue the brand by the end of 2010. This put Pontiac in a fatal position given that GM was experiencing severe financial problems ahead of its bankruptcy in 2009.

Is a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am reliable? Very reliable car and in good condition

Comfort 5.0. Interior design 5.0. Performance 5.0. Value for the money 5.0.

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Can you still get parts for Pontiac?

GM will continue to make parts for Pontiac models indefinitely and most Pontiac dealers also sell the Buick and GMC brands and will continue to operate. The automaker still produces replacement parts for the defunct Oldsmobile, which GM shuttered in 2004.

What is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am worth?

2002 Pontiac Grand Am Value – $298-$2,139 | Edmunds.

Is the Grand Am a muscle car?

Bridging the gap between the Grand Prix and the Trans Am, the Grand Am started out as an amazing coupe but things quickly went south for the model. Pontiac debuted the Grand Am in 1973, and at the time muscle cars were rapidly losing their signature power, and in turn sales figures thanks to the Oil Crisis.

What does Grand Am mean?

1 or grandame ˈgran-​ˌdām a : grandmother. b : an old woman. 2 or granddam ˈgran-​ˌdam , -​dəm : a dam’s or sire’s dam —used of an animal.

Why are Pontiacs so cheap?

They’re cheap because of supply and demand – they made a lot of them and nobody really wants them anymore. Because they’re the type of cars to depreciate really quickly. GM products of this era were probably the last cars you wanted to buy new, because you knew that you would lose your money on them.

Is a Pontiac Grand Am a sports car?

All New and Used Grand-Am Model Years and History

The 2005 Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size sports sedan that has entered its final year of production and is making way for the all-new G6. A sporty five-passenger car, the 2004 Pontiac Grand Am is available as a two-door coupe or a four-door sedan.

How much is a 2004 Grand Am worth?

2004 Pontiac Grand Am trade-in prices range from $465 – $2,814. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.

What is the difference between a Pontiac Grand Am GT and SE?

The main difference between these two models is the hp offered. The GT will easily get you 175hp A4, and several engine ops. For the SE, the best you’re going to get is 170hp A4 out of the 3400 V6 engine. The SE also offers rear drum brakes, while the GT has rear disk brakes.

Are Pontiacs expensive to fix?

The annual maintenance cost of a Pontiac is $460. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop.

Who took over Pontiac?

GM had bought the Pontiac, Michigan-based car company, founded by Edward Murphy and Alanson Brush, a designer of early Cadillacs. Demand for the stylish Pontiac sedans flourished in the ensuing decades, but the brand gradually lost its appeal in the ’90s.

Is Pontiac and Chevy the same?

Pontiac was an American automobile brand owned, manufactured, and commercialized by General Motors. Franchise agreements for Pontiac dealers expired on , leaving GM to focus on its four remaining North American brands: Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC.

Is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am a good car?

It’s a sporty and reliable car.

Comfort 4.0. Interior design 4.0. Performance 5.0. Value for the money 5.0.

Is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am front-wheel drive?

front-wheel Drive type. driveline Traction control.

Are there any new Pontiacs?

No, General Motors is not bringing it back but they have licensed a certain group called the Trans Am Depot to take care of it. To be more specific, you won’t be getting any new Pontiacs, however, for the muscle car fanatics out there, the Trans Am is going to make a comeback.

What is a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am worth?

How much is a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am worth? The value of a used 2005 Pontiac Grand Am ranges from $555 to $3,097, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Is a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am front wheel drive?

Last produced for the 2005 model year, the Grand Am was replaced by the Pontiac G6. The first two generations of the Grand Am from the 1970s were rear-wheel drive. This generation is front-wheel drive, offers room for five and is related to the Buick Skylark and Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais.

Can you put a v8 in a Pontiac Grand Am?

It’s possible, but would probably cost a small fortune to do it.

What does the GT stand for on a Pontiac Grand Am?

GT stands for gran turismo, or “grand touring.” Although the Italian who originally thought up the term gran turismo, or GT, has been lost to history along with their reasoning, the definition was clear: A GT car fit between a sports car and a luxury car.

What does a Grand Am weigh?

Pontiac Grand Am Weight Overview

The Pontiac Grand Am weighs between 3066 and 3118 lbs depending on the trim and model year.

What does SE and GT mean?

SE – Single exhaust, GT – “dual” exhaust.